Are Home Inspections Necessary on A Condo?


A benefit of purchasing a condo is that snow removal, lawn care and other maintenance tasks are taken care of by an association. It does not mean the homeowner avoids those costs, only having to do the actual work.

Because much of the maintenance is handled by the association and paid for via fees, some people think that having an inspection of the condo prior to purchase is unnecessary, when, in fact, the opposite is true.  In most cases, the association is responsible for maintaining, repairing and replacing all physical assets designated as common elements, whether located inside or outside the units. Unit owners are obligated to maintain, repair and replace physical assets designated as within the boundaries of the unit. Condo owners, in short, purchase only the interior space.

Inspections of condo units include a check of mechanical elements within the condo itself. This includes the heating and cooling system, vents and duct work, the plumbing, the electrical panel, visible wiring and outlets, windows, doors , walls and flooring. A professional  inspector will note the condition of these items and any other safety hazards. So be aware that this may be money well spent!

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