Five Things To Do At The Kip District: One

The Kip District’s One is defined by superior design, engineering and construction. There are countless attractive features Concert brings to this development, but we’d like to highlight 5 specific reasons to help choosing The Kip District Condos solely on the merits it has and really stands out amongst the ever-growing Toronto condo scene.

Roof Party: If you enjoy rooftop parties then The Kip District-One is just what you need to be the best host of the year. Along with a fully functional catering kitchen the roof is well equipped with a bar and fireplace. Apart from serving your guests the roof has special provisions to ensure your guests can relax in the haute lounge nibble on snacks and dine.

Workout:Located on the ground floor the fitness studio with a fully functional cardio and weight training studio, staying fit is the priority. So you have no more excuses to not stay fit or pay for the gym which is miles away and less persuading for daily training.

Pet Friendly:Making sure that your pets are not neglected this project will feature a pet wash where you can groom your pooch and ensure that as much as you love your new home your best friend too.

Theatre Room:Catching up with friends and family for a movie is the best way you can spend some quality time at the theatre room this project features. Located on the ground floor

Furnished Guest Suite:There is nothing more amazing then your best buddies and loved one’s crashing at your home for the night. But not always you have the room or the kids room, living room couch may be too small; keeping this mind Concert brings furnished guest suite to welcome your guests for a good night’s sleep away from home but close to you. All you have to do is make advance reservations.

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