NEW! Fiber Optics Come To Century 21 Heritage Group Ltd.

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Century 21®  Heritage Group Ltd. is leading the way in technology by deploying Rogers® based fibre optic services; providing their agents and staff with cutting edge tools to increase service to their clients.

Complete networking installation of fiber optics technology is scheduled to be ready early December in all seven of Century 21®  Heritage Group Ltd.’s centrally and conveniently located offices. Century 21®  currently houses offices in Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Bradford, Tottenham and Bolton. Each office will be wired with Rogers®  fiber optic technology which will improve speed, dependability and reliability of service for Century 21®  users.

The installed fiber service will combine internet, enterprise wide inter-office phone connectivity and inter office data connectivity. This will result in quicker and smoother communication between offices, Realtors® and Accounting Department located in their Bradford office location.

Fiber optics means a faster internet connection by providing greater bandwidth to online users navigating on this system. Because fiber optics transmits information through pulses of light, very little signal is lost offering a more reliable connection and making online use more dependable.

Fiber optic technology is gaining popularity over, and outperforming traditional copper communications, as it offers increased bandwidth and is able to carry over farther distances. Fiber optic bandwidth is scalable, starting at 2 Mbps and goes up to 10 Gbps. Increased bandwidth means that Century 21® ’s current usage demands can be easily met, while future demand of increased usage can also be met when the firm experiences growth. Only fiber optics can be upgraded for future development and growth while other technologies today cannot.

Navigating online more quickly will save Realtors®  and online users in the firm valuable time; this can directly translate into money saved and add value to Century 21®  Realtor’s®  business, and provide better service for current and prospective clients.  

Century 21®  Heritage Group Ltd. prides itself on being a company on the cutting edge of technology. They seize opportunities available today to acquire new or enhance existing tools within their brokerage to better serve their clients. “Fiber optics has really revolutionized communications over the past few decades, and is really much more efficient as oppose to copper cabling. We are excited to be able to offer fiber optics in all of the Heritage Group offices” says Ronald Prescott Operations Manager.

Century 21®  Heritage Group Ltd. is consistently among the top producing offices within the Century 21®  Canada system. They are a Grand Centurion office. Their highly trained professionals have been providing professional real estate services to the Greater Toronto Area and York region for the past 25 years. They pride themselves on providing a highly productive, loyal and friendly work environment to their sales team. They believe in offering free in house tools and training to enhance the professional development of their sales team. 


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