Happiest Baby on the Block

IF you are a new mom and your brand new infant will not stop crying...I suggest the DVD, or book, The Happiest baby on the Block! it saved my sanity.

My son was 3 weeks old (which seemed like a lifetime) and would not settle for anything! I had about 2 hours of sleep in three days and was ready to crack! one night at 3:00am, I remembered a girlfriend had given me the DVD, and I though well I cant hurt to watch I am at my last straw.

It was amazing, the philosophy is the infants first 3 months should be considered as the 4th term, therefore replicating the feel, sound and motion of the womb will help sooth the infant!

It is called the 4S's

1. Swaddle- if you dont know how, learn it, it is easy and will be a pro in no time

2. Shhhsh- right up close in their ear, be cheek to cheek, and loud.

3. Swing- this can be in your arms, or in an infant swing, cars help too.  My son loved the deep knee bends, also     helps to lose the extra pound of eating whatever I wanted for 9 months!!!

4. Soother- no matter how much i tried he wouldnt take one.  So I used breast-feeding to sooth!

You do what works for you and your baby- But these are great TIPS!

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