As the market picks up this is the time people need to really consider what their best strategy is. Selling your home yourself is absolutely ok if you can handle playing Realtor. This is the true reality from a past client of mine. Please read and to also add to this story, during the time I helped Dwayne & Brenda I read & sent roughly about 236 emails, 130 phone calls, booked & confirmed 52 showings, held 7 Open Houses, 11 drive bys qualifying the properties before I even requested showings for them, actually showed them 12 properties, 8 meetings + more. Yes they sold their home & bought a new one in about 1 month!

Realty vs Private

Benefits of Working with the Century 21 Brand

A Powerful Brand Name

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When home buyers and sellers think about real estate, they think of the CENTURY 21® brand. In fact, according to a national survey*, the CENTURY 21® Brand was the most recognized name in real estate by a wide margin. Put the power of this international brand name to work in your local market to help sell your home faster for the best price possible.


If you are considering selling your home yourself, please truly evaluate everything because selling your home is a pretty big deal. I can tell you all the benefits of having a professional realtor but here is someone that would like to share their story with you. After reading this if you still want to try it yourself that is okay, I am still here to help.

I am sure you will find some things in this package that may be of use to you and I am happy to share my professional knowledge.

Here's my story in a nutshell,

We decided to sell our condo because it was time to move into a single family house. We loved the neighbourhood and the amenities in our area, our daughter's school bus stopped right by the house, but it was time to make a move and grow out a bit. We decided that our friend down the street had listed her condo through Kijiji, and it sold in about 3 weeks. Figured if she could do it, so could we.

I took some pictures of the condo, trying to capture what I thought a prospective buyer would look for, and also trying to showcase some of the things we had upgraded like a new furnace, central air, upgraded panel box, all the gardening we had spent time on. It was difficult to take pictures that actually captured how good the house looked and get quality pictures that actually looked good on the website as well. I went out and tried to purchase open house signs that didn't look like some cheesy garage sale sign, and it was amazing how limited the selection and quality of signs there were out there. I toyed with the idea of just using one of the "do it yourself" real estate sites just to have proper signage, but the start-up costs when signing up even with all the guarantees of help just didn't sit right.

We posted the signs out on the major road by our condo, listing times from 1:00pm to 3:00pm every Saturday and Sunday I was available based on my regular work hours. That first summer we had about a dozen people come through, most of them other owners of condo units in the area that were basically kicking tires and looking to see what we were offering, at what price, and how it compared to what they currently owned.

The summer had passed and we decided to wait till the following spring to get an earlier start on what we were guessing was the time people were actually considering buying and selling. Work picked up and the kids got older, which put even more stress on finding appropriate times to consider holding an open house, and maintaining the house in a ready state for viewing. I finally decided it was time to use someone who was a professional realtor, who could take the time and energy I didn't have and actually commit to selling the condo.

It wasn't surprising, but it was a relief to have someone actually know how to prepare, present, and list our condo for sale. First there was the de-cluttering that wasn’t apparent to us as we lived in the midst of it. What we thought was an appropriate living design was altered to actually showcase the place for all the value it had. The photographer took professional pictures that had proper lighting, and taken from angles that actually captured the size and layout in a manner anyone could appreciate. Having the Century 21 yard sign on the front lawn made it look like we were seriously entertaining offers, and I think it gave prospective buyers more comfort and security in actually making an offer because they didn't have to worry about any legal ramifications due to the lack of knowledge we had in selling.

Sarahlynn prepared a full evaluation of the market in my area and I decided on a price that was both competitive, and in the range of what we were looking to get out of the sale of the house. We actually listed it slightly higher than I originally had done the year before, and it was one of the more higher prices listed in the area for condos our size, yet reflected all the upgrades that had been done. The previous year, the condo owners that came through had wished me luck in getting the price I was asking, saying I was probably about $20,000 higher than what I would probably ever get.

Sarahlynn marketed it aggressively, and soon we were scrambling to keep the place tidy day over day. Having a realtor handle having buyers drop by was really the key in selling, because instead of me forcing people to view the house at my availability, Sarahlynn was able to schedule visits ranging from anywhere from 8:00am in the morning, until as late as 8:00pm in the evening. Having to bundle everyone up and disappear for 30 minutes was never an issue as we could see the attention given our property was driving interest and improving the odds of receiving an offer.

She did such a remarkable job, we received an offer within 3 weeks that we accepted, for 97% of our asking price. Considering the listing price was higher than my listing price the year earlier, I'm sure those other condo owners that came through were shocked to find out what we actually got from the sale of our property. Also, because of the slow response the year earlier, we hadn't really made an effort to get out and look for a new house to move into and once the offer was accepted we only had 60 days to find a house, make an offer, get it accepted, and prepare to move! Sarahlynn was also on top of all of that and making this process very stress free.Right from the start, she already had gone through our needs and wants for our new home. As soon as our condo sold she was able to give us a list of houses in our desired price range, and even knew about houses that didn’t hit the market yet, so we were able to drive by and think about too.A house just hit the market that day and Sarahlynn got us in immediately to view and that house was the one, we went in aggressively since the sale of our condo had went so well, and managed to purchase our new house with a closing date of only 45 days. Everything went pretty smooth, we even had a few things come up that needed to be addressed but Sarahlynn was right there taking care of it all even after the sale.

None of this would have been possible doing it by myself. There just isn't the time available throughout the day, the resources our professional realtor Sarahlynn had at her fingertips, or the knowledge of dealing with condo corporations and the myriad of rules, paperwork, and hoops you have to jump through to finalize a deal. There's probably some kind of "sell it yourself" company I could have found out there, and I MIGHT have been successful in EVENTUALLY selling our condo, but for the peace, safety and security of my family, if I ever have to list this house for sale I will always give Sarahlynn a call. There's just some things in life you NEED to leave to a professional, and Sarahlynn was professional in every manner, and I'm also glad she and her family have become friends because of the journey we shared.

Dwayne & Brenda Maloney

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