Brampton: The city to invest in

The tell tale signs of all the city's improvements throughout the past few years and consistently throughout 2011, it is no surprise that Brampton has taken the crown for position as Canada's 9th largest and fastest growing city. As home to more than 8,000 business, Brampton has welcomed with open arms to investment opportunities that is in line with it's growth of the city. With Brampton's continued triple 'A' credit rating by Standard and Poor's, this simply reflects it's successful economy leaving the city in their glowing debt-free position.
Among the revamping of malls, the creation of new malls, new homes and condos going up all over the city, major road improvements, the one that knocks it out of the park is the investment into Brampton's Transit System and the Zum Rapid Transit Service.  Brampton Transit, which had an 18 percent increase in ridership in 2011 compared to 2010. In 2011, 16.3 million riders used the service. When you compare that to the annual national average for transit growth of 4 percent increase, you know the city is focused on making wise decisions as they continue to work hard to meet the demands of it's rapidly growing population. Zum Steeles Avenue Service is set to launch this fall, including a new transit terminal at the northwest corner of Steeles Avenue and Main Street creating a buzz of excitement.  With this continued development of transportation, it shows the city is committed to investing in the needs of the City.
With census figures from Statistics Canada showing that Brampton's population grew by a whooping 21 percent from 2006 to 2011, I would say Brampton has more than proven itself as a place to live and invest in.
In many cities you have to live between five to ten years to see an effective growth in equity for your homes, and I can vouch as a Realtor that works and lives in Brampton that many areas of Brampton see a rapid growth return in equity for their homes within a two year period, in plain terms you can see a $100,000 and more growth of equity in your home as opposed to other cities that you live in and an equity of that amount will be returned to you after the five to ten year period.
We all know where there is growth there is opportunity and with Brampton being the 9th largest city in all of Canada, and the 3rd largest city in the GTA, it is no wonder the wise will want a piece of this pie. With the review of the recent report from the Real Estate Investment Network(REIN) ranking Brampton 5th among Ontario's top places to invest in, I am sure you don't need much encouragement to understand this city's market is booming.
If you are ready to invest for your future, choose a Realtor that knows Brampton and thus knows the specific fast growing areas, give me a call at 416-880-9661 and let me show you how your investment can go a long way towards securing your future.

By Savita Nandkishore

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