When decorating one's personal home people's vision seems to be often stumped, the majority of people seems to have the common tendency to view their homes as a box and operate in the robotic fashion of following what others do. The vision of boredom quite the style as most people seem to welcome the splash of the ever so popular neutral creamy or sterile hospital looking white paint on the walls. We then add the customary display of a thousand family photos along several walls like some sort of visual diary display. Let's not forget the regular shutter style of blinds, the placement of a few pieces of furniture, the ambiance of a stylish or modern light fixture missing because we are simply too lazy to be bothered. To call this our home is what I like to call the unfortunate tragic disaster of a house. A house is not a home until you add your own personal style and touch to that house to make it your home and you can only do that by surrounding yourself with the things you love to look at.


Now, I am not a professional decorator, far from it, but what I do have is a vision for beauty. Somehow I have always felt that no matter how something comes across unattractive, with the right tools we can make that same unattractive into at least if not instant beauty something that makes us turn our heads and give it that second look. When watching your favourite daytime talk shows, you see people being transformed by simple makeovers.  A woman goes from the regular sweater, jeans, runners, no make-up with unruly hair to suddenly being transformed in front of our very own eyes.  Perhaps, by adding colour or a few highlights to her hair, by cutting and styling the hair, possibly adding a coloured scarf, accessorising her outfit with some costume jewelry, a splash of lip gloss, a touch of eyeliner and she is ready to rock and roll with the added two inch heels, and we are left in awe at the transformation.


View your home in the same way that you would view yourself. When you wake up in the morning and before you go through that door you need to add the powder, the lipstick and the eyeliner in order to face the outer world, or else the majority of us would feel unprepared to face our daily duties. Then you need to look at your house as you would an empty canvas and only by adding the colours in is when you have that majestic artwork that people are willing to look at.   I doubt whether you could hold someone's attention for a split second if you just showed a plain white canvas with nothing on it, could be the new art concept, except I don't think it would work. I would like to encourage everyone to start thinking outside the box.  Start by adding colours, even if you are scared because we all have one or more special colours that we like but often we are scared when it comes to dabbing on the colour we love on the walls of our home. Surprise, surprise, a pop of colour here and there could add wonders to a room, whether it be a vase with coloured roses, or a splash of rep carpet on the floor, it makes a difference.


It's not that you can't use family photos on the wall as some of you might misinterpret in my first paragraph. What I do understand of photographs is, that they are moments, some of them unforgettable moments, sort of like treasures, so my advice would be to pick the ones that really stand out to you or the ones that you would want to look at everyday. And again, it is not that I am suggesting that we should never paint the walls a white or creamy paint.  When painting the walls neutral, we should know how to dress that up. Adding pops of colours, or simply keeping it fully neutral can give it that feeling of peaceful calm.  A bunch of accessories that are all in neutral tones like baby pinks or baby blues, or sand tones to bring out the beauty of your neutral wall.  All I am saying is that having a few pieces of unique items and dressing up the space some more would not only make your home cozy but it would make it that special place that you want to spend more time in.


When you walk into the furniture store, notice how all the furniture are strategically placed to invite you to envision it in your own home, they don't simply leave the furniture sitting haphazardly about the showroom. Their aim is to ensure that you are attracted to what you see so you are persuaded to buy that furniture.  They display an area whether it is a living room area or dining room area and add items like deco cushions, candle holders, flowers, huge light fixtures above, plants and the works.  Look closely, they even hang a great piece of artwork on the wall where they have displayed the furniture.  Sadly once you buy the furniture and leave the store you do not apply that same vision to your home.  Instead you go home and place the furniture at an angle and simply forget to add the rest to create that perfect picture. Not for one moment, most of you would even register that I just saw a beautiful display and liked how it look so let me try to apply the same to my home.


When trying out bolder colours, you have to understand what works.  Sometimes, simply start off by painting one accent wall in your family room the bolder colour and painting the other walls a more neutral colour. If you are going to try that, you have to remember that by adding accessories such as the decorative cushions on your sofas in the same colour as the accent wall would make your home look like it came right out of a magazine. Added touches like flowers or vases can also helps in tying the room together. A nice big plant gives you that everyday feeling of the outdoors, live plant is always better but given the climate we live in if you get those ones that looks almost real, it works too.


As a realtor it is sometimes sad to see a home that looks great on the outside, only to enter the home and see that the beauty that lies within is not jumping out at you.  It is not that the home is not great looking on the inside but that it lacks that little added something that says so much more.  It comes down to the fact that someone did not have the vision to dress it up for whatever reasons, to make it warm and inviting enough to make one want to stay in the home. We do have to keep in mind that this is exactly the impression the buyers have when they walk into your home to view it as a potential for a place they would like to live in themselves. You have to ask yourselves what is it that makes the home attractive and homely enough so that they could see themselves living in that home. Think about it, if your home is welcoming for you then it would definitely give off that warmth to other people.
I hope the video I put together to show you my idea of what a family room should look like helps you when decorating your space, good luck to all.


By Savita Nandkishore


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