What are buyers waiting for? It is 2012 now and if you have not yet noticed that the last two years in Canada, home ownership is affordable.  Buyers need to wake up and take notice. This is your time to shine, you have been handed everything on a silver platter, take advantage of that. Buyers need to stop listening to what is going on in other countries and sit up and take notice of what is happening in our own backyard, for 4 straight years the World Economic Forum has ranked Canada No. 1 as having a strong banking system.

In keeping the interest rates at an all-time low, what that means in the simplest explanation possible is that instead of renting a home, buying a home is now so much more affordable.  Many people pay rent of anywhere from $800.00 per month all the way up to$1600.00 or more per month, why would you continue to rent when you could be paying that said amount in a mortgage that gives you home ownership.

Even your down payment could be worked out, as there are many options out there, talk to mortgage brokers and you would understand all the options and tools available to you as a buyer to make your home buying process as easy as possible.

Owning a home might be one of the biggest decisions you would have to make in your lifetime, so naturally with any major decision fear can creep in.   Stop letting your fear get in the way of owning a home. Start talking to the right people, a realtor who could point you in the right direction would be the best way to begin.

In my opinion, the advantages of home ownership are:

1. You will stop paying your landlord`s mortgage.

2. You will invest in your financial stability for the retirement years.

3. Real estate over time is always a benefit especially if you bought right.

4. If you kept the house for 25 to 30 years you would be able to walk away with more money than you could have saved in a bank for all those years.

5. If you have kids then you have created not only a home for them but financial stability for them also.

Start looking at buying a home from a positive point of view, look at it as standing on your own two feet, look at owning a home as having something solid and stable in your life. When you buy a car, the minute you walk off the parking lot the car starts to devalue, after a few years the car is usually worth less than what you paid for, but we invest in the car because it is necessary. Why is it when you buy a home you listen in to all the negative hype of the home devaluing, look at no. 4 above this paragraph and you will see it makes sense to own a home.

The Question you have to ask, is a home necessary, absolutely it is, it is your place of sanctuary.  Gone will be the days when you have to answer to a landlord who with your rental money is becoming richer.  No longer will you have to worry about whether I will be kicked out of a rental home.  And to answer the next question that pops into your mind, because it is your own you will absolutely work harder to hold on to it.

Now is the time to buy smart, buy while the interest rates are low, so that your mortgage payments are low, think of all the monthly savings you would have if you are paying the current variable rates that is available to you.  Stop procrastinating, start taking control of your home ownership today.

Call Savita at 416-880-9661. Let your sense of pride for home ownership take over. The lifelong dream of owning a home is now within the palms of your hand, grab it. Ask me about the $15,000 Down payment assistance program.

By Savita Nandkishore

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