Windsor Housing Market

The real estate market in Windsor and surrounding areas is currently somewhat depressed, however, the market is still moving forward. From a Buyers standpoint this market is excellent as there are an over abundance of listings available in all market sectors which gives you, the Buyer, a great opportunity to pick and choose the perfect home for you and negotiate a great deal.

Looking at the market from a Sellers viewpoint it may seem a little bit more of an uphill battle as homes are taking longer to sell and the number of qualified Buyers in the market sector is few. Prices also have been adjusting downward which is unsettling for the Seller. However, as a Seller you have to look at the process and market as a whole to shed some encouraging light on the subject. In a strong market ( as we've enjoyed up until a few years ago ) houses were selling at higher prices and fairly quickly leaving a supply and demand shortage which drove prices upward. Once you sold your home you then became a Buyer and paid more due to the fast moving market and upward pressure of property values. In other words you sold for more and then had to pay more to purchase a home of equal or greater size. In today's market it is the opposite, as you may have to settle for less value than you've hoped for to sell your home, but then, as a Buyer you can recover that loss by negotiating a great deal on the next house.   

All in all, in a great market you sell for more and you pay more. In a slow market you may sell for less but you will pay less, thereby, evening out the whole process.

Scott Carter

Scott Carter

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