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To remove or not remove?... that is the question.

Do I really want to incur the cost, mess and time?

If ever there was any doubt about whether or not one should remove galvanized pipe from their home water supply, it was put to rest over the weekend.

I was helping my Son upgrade his plumbing to PEX, which incidentally installed better than I inspected. We were in the basement removing the galvanized with a saw​sall... as you might imagine, it created significant agitation on the pipe... and, once I had sawed through, a bit of water poured from the cut pipe to the floor.

Calling it water may be generous as it appeared more like oil. It was unnerving to say the least.
After all plumbing connections had been made, we charged the line and opened the taps to remove the air.. the water coming from the taps looked like well steeped tea.
Several minutes of running the water restored the colour and quality... and the taste was noticeably improved.

We are also curious whether this upgrade will mitigate some of the rusty stain we had noticed in the bathroom sink and had attributed to hard water. Only time will tell.

So, if you have been debating the pros and cons of removing the galvanized from your home...

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