Your property won’t sell because your photos are “less than impressive” and you are not using is not always PRICE!


There are many factors that can contribute to a home not selling, but recently I ran into a situation with another agent and was horrified by the things that were said.  We, as professional Realtors, have an obligation to our clients to present properties to the market to the best of our abilities using the best of what modern technology has afforded us.  

Showcase 21 Photo Gallery and Virtual Tour

Often it is price that determines whether a home will sell or not.  However, if the home is not showcased with quality photos and video, you aren't even giving the property a chance.  It is our professional duty to try and negotiate the highest price for our clients and we are failing these clients if we do not advertise homes with professional quality photos, video and virtual tours. 

The vast majority of home buyers now are starting their property search online, so your property had better look fantastic in photo when it goes to market. Today an internet view should be considered as your first showing.  Agents who do not understand this and take their own photos with point and shoot cameras are doing you and your listing a disservice. If the photos impress, you can expect a second showing where they actually come to the home for a visit. People want to feel like they have been through a tour of the home when they view the photos online, so satisfy them by using as many photos as you can and add a video or virtual tour.  If you have done renovations or updates to the home, be sure they are showcased in photo. 

I recently had an agent refer to the use of virtual tours as ‘Gimmicky’.  If an agent you are interviewing tells you that a video or virtual tour is ‘Gimmicky’ and not something they do as part of their marketing strategy, then promptly show them the door.  When you sit with prospective agents to hire, be sure to ask them to show you examples of their marketing materials and clearly explain their marketing strategy.  This should include the names of the professional photographers they use, slideshows of their last 3 properties, Youtube videos or virtual tours, social media pages and print materials.  If they can’t produce all of these, then they do not have a complete marketing strategy and will rely solely on the MLS to sell your property.  If you are going to bring in a professional and pay that person a commission to sell your home, you owe it to yourself to expect more!

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