How To Decorate A Balcony in an Apartment

The balcony is usually the last space you have in mind when planning a renovation or remodel for your home. It often gets overlooked but the truth is the balcony is a very important space and a great asset to an apartment. Depending on its size, shape and layout, there are several design strategies you can adopt.

First of all, make some seating arrangements if possible. If the balcony is wide enough, maybe you can ft in a couple of chairs and a small table or perhaps a bench in the corner. It’s important to make it look comfortable and inviting.


Whether your balcony is enclosed or not, you have to make sure it’s properly lit. there are a number of options to choose from. Go for a whimsical look and use lanterns or strings of lights which you can hang on the walls or something simpler like a lamp or sconce.


It’s a very common practical idea to decorate a balcony with potted plants and flowers. You can turn the space into a fresh and green oasis. Hang the plants on the walls, on the railings, tables or simply place them on the floor wherever there’s some free space.

Space-Saving Accessories.

If you have a tiny balcony then you won’t be able to fit a table and chairs in there. In this case, look for alternatives like fold-down tables which you can attach to the railings for example.

Peaceful Ambiance.

A balcony with a nice view can be like a refreshing oasis, a relaxing retreat so decorate it accordingly. You’ll need a cozy and comfortable chair or lounger, some cushions and a refreshing décor around you.

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