Make your home more peaceful

In a world full of stress, home is where we go to feel comfort and peace. Here are a few ways to enhance your experience.


Up the fluff to create comfort.
Fluff up your pillows or pile them together; soft, overstuffed pillows project warmth, comfort and security, so we feel more relaxed just by looking at them. No wonder photographers and Realtors use this trick to make homes look more inviting!

Make your tub more tranquil.
Steep two chamomile tea bags right in the tub. Its relaxing properties will be absorbed through your pores and into your blood stream. Plus, chamomile will relieve tired, achy muscles, and its pleasant aroma will bring a smile to your face.

Grow soothing lavender indoors.
The scent of this sweet flower increases relaxing alpha waves in the brain. It'll thrive in your home if you place it in a sunny location and let it dry out between waterings.

Create a "my" space.
In a clutter-free corner, place a small chair and lamp to read by. This will give you a spot to go to when you need to relax and shield yourself from the stress of the day.

Paint a wall a restful green.
Soft green produces a soothing effect on the eyes because of how easily it is absorbed by the retina, reveals a recent study commissioned by The Corporate Design Foundation.

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