Realtors Care - 2014 Blanket Drive

Sharing the warmth for 20 years

November 17 - 24

Donations needed

This year, the REALTORS Care® Blanket Drive marks 20 years. Twenty years of sharing with those in need, 20 years of helping our communities.

It started when a group of REALTORS® called on their colleagues to gather what blankets they could to help the homeless keep warm in the Downtown Eastside.

Who could've imagined that two decades later, the Blanket Drive would expand to include members of three real estate boards and, as well as the homeless, was helping single mothers, the working poor, and those getting back into the workforce.

QuiltWorking together to provide warmth is why a quilt was chosen to represent this year's Blanket Drive anniversary. The quilt's patchwork design illustrates how members, volunteers, and charities combine resources to help relieve the strain of poverty.

You can help by donating the following items to one of our drop-off locations:

New or gently used

• blankets, sleeping bags
• warm clothing - coats, jeans, pants, sweaters
• scarves, gloves, mitts, hats
• socks (new), in high demand
• underwear (new)
• pillows (new)

All donations collected in a community stay in that community!