Seal off money Leaks

In winter, by finding and fixing drafts and leaks, you'll have a warmer house and save money. Here are simple fixes that'll have you cutting your energy usage - and bills - by up to 40%. 
1. Electrical Outlets.
Look at all exterior wall outlets by unscrewing the plates and peaking underneath. If there's no insulation, they're likely letting in cold air. Head to the hardware store. Pick up foam insulation specially made for outlets. Just cut to size, insert in the outlet and re-cover.

2. Windows.
Pull back any curtains or blinds, then hold a lit candle near the window frame. Any flickering of the flame is a sign of draft. Calk away any leaks. There's no need to be an expert handyman or buy tools you'll hardly use. Instead use rope caulk (available in hardware stores). It comes in cords, and all you need to do is unroll and press in place around window edges.

3. Doors.
Wait until nighttime, shut off your interior lights, head outside and have a helper inside shine a flashlight around the door frame. See a lot of light? You've got a leak. To cut down on drafts simply fill old tube socks with uncooked rice, tie the end off with some string and rest against the bottom of the door.

Have a wider entrance or sliding door?
Cut off one leg from an old pair of pants, stuff with the remaining fabric, tie both ends shut and place it at the bottom of the door. For the sides, buy some inexpensive foam tape weather-stripping: simply apply the adhesive backing to the inside of the doorjamb and put a stop to leaks in seconds.

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