Solar Hot-Water System

Up to 25 percent of a household utility bill goes to heating water for washing clothes, dishes and ourselves. A solar hot-water system can reduce those costs by two-thirds- without causing pollution. And you don't have to live in a sunny climate to reap the benefits of a solar hot-water system because technological advances have made these systems more practical in areas where the sun is not always shining.

A solar hot-water system consists of a heat-trapping solar collector that sits outdoors in an open, south-facing location (usually on a roof), and a water-storage tank inside the house. A coil inside the tank transfers the heat from the sun-warmed liquid to the household water supply. There are several collector types but no matter which collector you use, it relies on an energy source (the sun) that only works part of the day.

A solar hot-water system can save money in the long run. A typical solar hot-water system for a family of four with an 80-gallon storage tank costs about $7,000, including installation. However, the payback period may be as little as five years.

Thank you to Robert Abbink, RHI from Global Property Inspections for this contribution.

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