23 Stylish Projects That Only Require Items From The Dollar Store

These days it’s easy to spend a ton of money just to add a bit of style to your home. At least that’s what I used to think, but no longer. With a bit of creative imagination and a nearby dollar store, you’d be amazed what you can make using basic items. Check out the proof below!

1. Cheap compact mirrors are a snazzy way to make larger mirror groupings of any shape and size.

Via thistlewoodfarms.com

2. Styrofoam ball, glue, plastic flower heads and a candle stick.

No, those aren’t the weapons for a new version of Clue. Those are what you need to make a plastic, globular bouquet.

Via goodshomedesign.com

3. Makeover your laptop cover with some fancy contact paper and an exacto knife.

Via fineandfeathered.me

4. Place a small plant in a large glass vase with a little white gravel and you have an instant terra vase.

Via The Devil’s Punch Bowl

5. Cut yourself a shape from soft wood or some other stickable surface, and fill it with colorful thumbtacks. Art truly does come in all manner of ways.

Via diyready.com

6. Some dollar store vases are easily painted with acrylic paint. Start with white, and then paint horizontal lines, getting darker with each line for the ombre effect.

Via livingwellspendingless.com

7. A little spray paint and a little sanding and any rubber mat can look like aged art.

Via salvagedior.com

8. Vellum paper is perfect for pasting your photo on a candle vase.

Via thevintagepearl.com

9. Get some dollar store vases, swipe some river rocks and plant branches (flowers are a nice addition) from some unsuspecting lot of wilderness, and create your own vase forest.

Via creativelifeofaglamwife.com

10. Did you know you can hot glue candle sticks to photo frames? A little paint and you have some styling photo displays.

Via Pinterest

11. Remember that toy dinosaur that ended up a victim of a failed “saw in half” magic trick? The sacrifice was not in vain!

Fill it with some caulk and paste a suction cup in place. It’s great for standing up any flat surfaced object, like a phone.

Via eatsleepmake.com

12. Slice up a pool noodle into 1” thick pieces, and you can string them together for some decoration.

Via dollarstoremom.com

13. Here’s another foam ball trick. Skewer it with a stick and use modeling clay to create some vines. Place it in a pot with some fake moss and you have this lovely creation.

Via akadesign.ca

14. It’s pretty simple. Bandanas, stuffing (or a small pillow), and some skill with a needle and thread can produce stylish new pillows.

Via heatherednest.com

15. Some spray adhesive and fabric make for great coverings for bins.

Via talesfromacottage.com

16. You can make a small greenhouse with some carefully selected picture frames, some light paint, and some glue. Enjoy your picture perfect terrarium.

Via ellaclaireinspired.com

17. This fancy magnet board is made from a spray painted stove cover, some some Mod Podge design paper, and a ribbon run through two carefully drilled holes.

Via madiganmade.com

18. The options are limitless with glass paint pens, and a stroke of your inner muse.

Via oneprojectcloser.com

19. Plant boxes are extra special when made of mirrors that were hot glued together.

Via theartofdoingstuff.com

20. Attach river rocks to a rubber mat with some adhesive. You have created a cheap and effective foot massage mat.

Now turn around and sell it on ebay for five times what you paid.

Via curbly.com

21. With a grapevine wreath, a selection of plastic plants, some hot glue, and a little imagination, your doorway will be fit for any holiday season.

Via thehowtomom.com

22. Candles are pretty cheap and easy to make. The best part is, you can use nearly anything to mold the shape you desire.

Via Pinterest

23. You can wrap all kinds of things around a headband to decorate it.

This was done with some hot glue and a lightweight scarf. Start at the base and wrap to meet at the top for this effect.

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