5 Tips For Selling a Luxury Home

Selling A Luxury Home

Selling a luxury home involves more than just slapping a for sale sign on, listing the property on a Multiple Listing Service and/or posting to an Internet real estate portal.  Whether you plan on selling your luxury home yourself or plan on using an expert Realtor there is a right way to go about getting your luxury home sold.

1. Work With Professionals

Realtors with solid experience are there to help you in the home selling process using the best tools possible. Often times Realtors with the experience and knowledge of selling luxury homes have built up a team of professionals whom they work with to handle matters like home inspection, home staging, or legal matters that may need addressing during the selling process. By hiring a Realtor there is no need to reinvent the wheel and figure out who best can handle home inspections, who best can handle staging, etc.

You are trying to sell a high value luxury home it is in your best interest to work with a professional to help close a deal. High value brings out high emotions in everyone so why risk a deal falling apart because time frames where not kept or because of some misunderstanding of what is required from one of the parties.

2. Home Presentation

A luxury home more so than other homes benefits from great presentation. Since buyers are spending the money they want a home that is ready to move in and has all the latest features. Having a landscape that wows people from their computers ensures they want to come and take a look at your home from day one. Once buyers visit the homes in person they expect to see cleanliness, fresh paint and the latest in updates throughout the house. Wow them with your home on the computer and wow them in person and you are sure to get offers on your home.

Consider having a professional home stager walk through your home to offer suggestions on how best to present your home is also a big benefit for home sale marketing purposes. While you may have had a home decorator guide you on setting up your home for your tastes and desires, having someone come in and provide an opinion on what works best for your typical buyer can help buyers fall in love with your place when they do come to see it. Professional home stagers know about the latest and greatest paint colors to use, know about styles and furnishing that enhance rooms, and know about placement of furniture to give the maximum feeling of spaciousness or coziness.

3. Photos and Video

Using a point and shoot camera or a cell phone camera to take pictures of your luxury home will not cut it.  A great Realtor will see to it that your pictures enhance the home listing.

While photography is a must for every home, video also becomes a “must do” for the luxury home since it helps enhance the viewing experience for buyers. Consider a Realtor who can offer you a 3D Virtual Tour. Video allows the buyer to feel as if they are walking through your home and builds a certain excitement to visit in person.

4. Home Inspection

Any home prior to going up for sale can benefit from a pre-sale home inspection. More so a home inspection for a luxury home is a great selling point to show any potential buyers. It shows that not only did you as the homeowner care for your home while you lived in it you also cared enough to show others with a pre-sale home inspection what shape your home is in.

5. Price It Right

Overpricing can result in lost money since the longer a home sits on the market due to being priced too high means fewer buyers looking and people thinking something must be wrong with the house since it has been on the market for some time. Plus over pricing your home during the prime season of the market means a lot of buyers have already made their purchases of homes and are now out of the market leaving you with a home to still to sell.  That delay in selling during the prime time of the market means you will have to cut your price faster and steeper to attract buyers during the off season.


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