5 Tips before selling your home!

When you make that final decision to sell your home... before you actually put in on the market follow some simple tips.

These tips would not only help encourage a buyer with his decision to make an offer but would also reduce the time it takes to sell your home and the stress that goes with each additional day it is on the market.


Remove as many personal items as possible. Buyers generally want to visualize  thier own artifacts and furnishings and least amount of distraction the better.

2. Declutter: All rooms must be clean and free of all clutter organize your items on shelves in rooms  in garages or basements.

 Make sure your home is tidy beds are made,kitchen is clean and there is nothing left on counters that shouldn't be there and no dishes left in the sink. Remove footware from entrances. Keep floors clean. if you have pets make sure there are no odors,and no signs of pet hairs,, Keep your house sparkling clean.

3. Minor Repairs:

Make any minor repairs that need to be done, eg leaky faucets,damaged walls,squeaky or damaged doors, also replaced any blown light bulbs

4. Curb Appeal: The outside of your house is as important as the inside. Make sure grass is cut,or snow is cleared. Again make any repairs necessary to help encourage your propective buyer to look inside....Paint patios if need be. Keep sheds and garages clean as well.

5. Additionally;

 Heat:  if you are selling in winter make sure your house is warm,if in summer make sure it is cool as possible, turn on air conditioning or open some windows if necessary..keep drapes and blinds open.

Another thing you can do is have a nice scent without it being too overpowering..sometimes too much scent can irritae a person who has allergies.

By Following these simple but necessary steps before you list your home increases the time it takes to get a quick sale.

For further information on selling your home send me an email wkith any questions

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