What’s more exciting then last weeks HST budget hike or the Mayweather vs Pacquiao boxing match?  You guess it….a complete breakdown of the average St. John’s House Prices for April.

We are well into the spring market and things are taking off once again as they normally do this time of year. Listings and sales are up for the year as well as the average house prices.




Total # of MLS Listings = 1003
Total # of Sales [Apr] = 278

Number of Active Listings for Sale in Newfoundland = 4756
Numbers are based on both residential and commercial listings/sales


Here is a break down by area for April:

St. John’s: Listings = 205 Sales = 63
Sales/Listings Ratio = 31%
St. John’s average house price: $314,684 for the month of April and the 12 month average $339,200

Mount Pearl: Listings = 33 Sales = 15
Sales/Listings Ratio = 45%
Mount Pearl Average house Price (12 month average): $289,308

Paradise: Listings = 62 Sales = 21
Sales/Listings Ratio = 34%
Paradise Average house Price (12 month average): $353,028

East Extern: Listings = 66 Sales = 12
Sales/Listings Ratio = 18%
East Extern Average house Price (12 month average): $404,438

Conception Bay South: Listings = 39 Sales = 24
Sales/Listings Ratio = 62%
CBS Average House Price (12 month average): $304,457

How does your home compare to the St. John’s average house price? For a free Market Assessment on your property please contact me anytime.

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