A Spotless Home, 10 Seconds at a Time

Not everybody cleans the same way. Some people like to let things pile up, then do big clean sweeps, spread out over time (or at least right before company comes over). Others–who may be the "tidier" of the two–clean a little at a time, chipping away at tiny messes as they go along. This list is for folks who identify with the former, but who aspire to be a little more like the latter.

If cleaning up every day isn't your thing, here are six small battles you can wage throughout your day–without a ton of effort of time.

Each time you use them, why not clean...

The Kitchen Counter

Keep cleaning wipes on hand and give the counter a quick wipe down after you prep lunch or dinner. Even if it looks clean, some countertop materials are great at camouflaging crumbs and spills.


Whether or not you're living the dishwasher life, it's a solid idea. If you clean and put the dishes away each time you use them, you'll never have to deal with a sink pile ever again (and the kitchen will look and feel perpetually cleaner, forever)

The Bathroom Sink

Keep a sponge in the medicine cabinet or under the sink to give your vanity a quick wipe down each morning. Rinse off toothpaste globs and stray hairs and keep everything tidy for the next day.

The Shower

Store a spray bottle of homemade tub and tile cleaner among your shampoo and body wash, and spray down your shower from the inside when you're done washing up.

Your Clothes (Put them away!)

If you get into the habit of putting shoes and clothes where they belong (the hamper, your clothing purgatory or back in the closet) each time you get undressed, you'll never suffer from closet clutter taking over your bedroom or living room.

Lesser-Used Rooms

Having rooms in your home that don't get used every day is a luxury, for sure. So for those of you living the good life: Each time you spend time in, say, the garage or the formal dining room or your home office, give it a once-over and remove any trace that you were there. If you clean up after yourself right away, you won't have to deal with a mess later on.

What are your suggestions for being proactive about tidying up?

(Image credits: Marie-Lyne Quirion)




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