Are you ready for winter?

Here are some tips that you may find handy:

Save simply by turning off the lights when you leave a room. And swap out old incandescent bulbs for energy saving CFLs or LEDs that use less and last longer.

Dial back the heat when you’re heading to bed or to work. Better yet, get a programmable thermostat to do it for you!

Smaller gadgets and housewares can use energy when they’re just sitting there, so unplug them – that goes for chargers too. Or use a smart power strip.

You can Weatherproof by adding caulking to keep away winter’s chill – seal up drafty windows, vents, and doors. But the best way to stay cozy is to insulate your home well.

To help heat reach you, you can dust or vacuum radiators, baseboard heaters, and furnace duct openings often and keep them free of obstructions like furniture, carpets, and drapes.

For outside of your home you should remember to keep a bucket of salt and sand to put on your steps and walkway to help lower the chance of someone slipping and falling. Keep your shovels handy. If you expect a lot of snow this winter, it may be a good idea to set up a local snow plow service if you have a large driveway.

Have a safe winter! :)

Randy Matthews

*Some of these tips come from Take Charge NL

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