Do People Really Understand Air Miles

Air Miles, what's the good of them? Let Me Explain

The concept of air miles seems to be lost, I know I didn't understand the benefits fully. You can earn air miles pretty much everywhere gas stations, clothing stores, grocery stores and the best place, your Century 21 Realtor, ME.

Did you know that you can obtain 2 air miles for every thousand dollar value of the property you are selling and buying? That means a $400,000 dollar home could net you 800 air miles plus the other home you are buying. Let's say another 800 air miles for a total of 1600 air miles. Now Century 21 is offering a way to benefit greatly with more air miles, just follow this link //

Did you know that can get you a return flight from St. John's to Montreal for two for 2300 air miles. Maybe you want to take in a hockey game.

Image if you were referring business to a Century 21 Realtor, ME for instance. I can give you air miles based on that referral. You could be banking air miles for a trip north, south, east or west. Maybe you might want to redeem the points for a BOSE Blue Tooth speaker system, new golf bag and clubs. The options are endless and it costs you nothing.

So the next time your thinking, what's the good of air miles?? Ask me, I'll show you.

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