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Double Agents: New Uses for Everyday Things

By CENTURY 21 on September 23rd, 2014


Who doesn’t love finding a new way to use a common household product? Look around your home, and you’ll find a lot of everyday household items that can be used in a new way.

Don’t dash out to the store, use these common items to clean and organize your home.

Baking Soda: Use baking soda to clean your carpets. Sprinkle it on your rug, leave it on for at least fifteen minutes, then vacuum. Baking soda can also be used to clean a toilet, deodorize a drain, unclog a drain, and shine tarnished silver. (All You)

White Vinegar: There are lots of ways to use white vinegar when cleaning your home. Use it to clean your fridge, disinfect your bathroom, clean a toilet, remove a carpet stain, or clean a dirty faucet. Who knew that a little bottle in your kitchen cabinet would have so many uses? (All You)

Lemon Juice: Lemons don’t just taste great in water or your favorite lemon bar recipe, they can also be used to clean common household items. Use it to clean your grout, microwave, toilet, and fridge. (Mother Nature Network)

Ice Cube Tray: Use an old ice cube tray to organize jewelry or desk items like thumbtacks, paper clips, and rubber bands. (Good Housekeeping)

Over the Door Shoe Rack: Make your cleaning supply closet neat and tidy. Put your cleaning products in an over the door shoe rack. An over the door shoe rack can also be used to organize toiletries in a small bathroom.

Finding creative uses for products will help you decrease the amount you spend on cleaning products, stay organized, and contribute to a cleaner planet. Start looking at items in your home in a new light.


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