East Coast Trail

Its getting that time of year again when those of us on the Avalon take to hiking sections of the East Coast Trail.  There is over 265 km of developed trail marked with signage, maps, and difficulty level, providing a fun and senic experience for those brave enough to tackle a section.  My favorite paths to walk are on the southern shore and include the hike to the suspension bridge at La Manche and Freshwater Bay to Cape Spear.   There are plenty of places to stop for a picnic, watch the whales, or just admire the rugged beauty of Newfoundlands shoreline.  At the moment be prepared for a muddy trail as the snow melts, but as we move further into spring many sections will dry out as conditions improve.  It is advised to check the East Coast Trail website, which is very good, for trail ratings, hiker safety, and updates before undertaking a hike.  So tie up your boots and enjoy the trails!

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