Finally! An App that Lets You Furnish Your Actual Space Virtually!



This is THE app you’ve been waiting for, and it will change everything.

Regardless of how good your imagination may be, when it comes to home design there’s no substitution for seeing what a piece of furniture will look like in the actual space that will be its new home.

Thanks to a new iPhone/iPad app called Pair3D, there’s no reason you should ever again have to return something because it doesn’t work as well with your décor as you thought it would.

With Pair3D, a simple touch of the screen gives you the ability to see a real-time representation of how furniture will look in a room — before you commit to buying it.




Pair3D, a result of a new tech startup, allows you to be your own designer by bringing the showroom to the living room (as its tagline states). It links up with an interactive catalogue of furniture (more than 400 items and growing) that can be virtually placed in your room of choice.




The app is the invention of former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer Andrew Kemendo, who built on a pre-existing “augmented reality” program he designed called Visidraft, which takes virtual reality and overlaps it with actual reality, as seen through the lens of a smartphone. The result, in simple terms, is a live image of your space that can be added to virtually from a selection of data – in this case, furniture – available on a dashboard on the screen (if you’re thinking of the world as seen by Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘The Terminator’, you’re not far off). Linking to a number of popular furniture designers including Herman Miller and retailers such as IKEA, the Pair3D app lets you view your room through your phone or tablet’s camera and then virtually drag and drop various pieces of furniture into the room.

The ability to visualize how a piece of furniture will look, whether it will fit in the space and how it will co-mingle with existing furniture is now only a touch of a screen away. Even better: using your phone’s camera as your “eyes,” you can walk through the room and see how the piece will look from various angles.

Once you’re convinced you’ve found the perfect piece, you can purchase it online. Next step: sit back, pour yourself a glass of chardonnay and wait for delivery — without ever having to visit a furniture showroom again. (Unless, of course, IKEA on a Saturday is your idea of a relaxing weekend…)

“We see ourselves,” Kemendo said in a recent interview, “as the new shopping mall.”

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