Getting Ready for the Spring Market - Thinking of Selling ? WHEN IS the BEST TIME to SELL ....

Many of time people discuss when the BEST time would be to put your house on the market....

One of the fundamental keys to REAL ESTATE is the law of SUPPLY and DEMAND.

If you had a choice whether to put your home on the market when there was not a lot of competition locally in your

immediate area (yet  a solid demand for housing) versus if there were an onslaught of homes for sale in your

area - in competition to your home, which situation do you think would be most preferable for you as a home

owner ? Needless to say - the MORE the DEMAND and the LESS the SUPPLY puts the SELLER in the most

favourable position - IF ofcourse one of the homes on the market is YOURS !

So - why NOT wait till the snow is all gone and flowers out ?? 

When is everyone else thinking of putting their home on the market ?

Think outside the box and not with the masses. The time to SELL is NOW. Beat the spring rush.

CALCULATE SUCCESS FOR SELLING YOUR HOME TODAY. Our vendors best interests are our greatest concern.

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