How Foul Weather Brightens a Buyers Day!!

 This Spring certainly seems to be taking it's time warming up and it looks like the forecasts indicate that there will be no drastic changes coming anytime soon. So if your in the market for a new home or looking to sell the home your in, what does this mean for you?

  Well, The short answer isn't as simple as you may think. If you are a buyer looking for the home of your dreams you may find that the wet weather makes the prospect of walking around outside a negative one. But there may be advantages for you if you decide to brave the elements. 

  When the weather gets wet and the cold winds blow, most buyers put off the home search until the weather breaks and begins to warm up. They know the process will entail allot of outdoor work and running from house to house. I mean, who really wants to be sizing up shingles on a drizzly day? The lack of active buyers can benefit those searching because the less buyers that are coming through the door will usually encourage a vendors to treat interested buyers with more care and can possibly allow for more flexibility when an active buyer becomes a active bidder. When the sun does finally come out to shine, you will also find a glut of buyers. With multiple interested buyers, vendors will be less inclined to bend to the will of a buyer.

  So how should a buyer take advantage of weather? 

  Firstly, go check out that home you've been talking about. The sooner you look at a property, the sooner you will make a decision to make a offer, or remove it from the list. The search for a perfect home can become quite a protracted one at times. The earlier you eliminate unfit properties, the sooner you can walk into a Home that becomes "The One".

 Secondly, prepare yourself to check out items that are easily spotted during the current weather systems. Downspouts and rain collection systems are best observed while in use, If there is a problem that needs to be addressed, now is the best time to pick up on those issues. Moisture in basements can also lead to costly and lengthy repairs but are easily spotted during spring weather and could potentially save you allot of headache. So watch for sump pumps, foundation cracks and any standing water. It is still important to remember that a sump pump that is in place and works is much better that a basement that has hidden water issues. Those types of problems will come back to haunt you later because of the lack of proper equipment. You will also find issues with siding prone to wind damage, drainage both inside and outside, and even Insulation/construction issues that can lead to cold drafts and high heating costs. 

  When you find that special home and decide to present an offer, keep in mind the market activity for a home and make that information work for you. With the help of a realtor, a buyer can easily view all information related to a home listing. Knowing a house has had sparse viewings or if a Realtor can inform you that very few homes are selling in a particular area. You will be in a better position when negotiating the price you want. If you combine the Items you noticed during your walk through with the reduced buyer activity, you will be able to turn the tables in your favour. 

  I look at viewing properties the same way i view test driving a car. If you only drive on flat, straight highway, you will never know how that car will handle on a real road. If you only viewed Homes during dry sunny days, you may find yourself with more problems than you bargained for. 

 When the RDF (Rain,drizzle, fog) rolls in and the May snow starts falling, It may not be a great time for a picnic but it is the perfect time to get out and book a viewing for that House that may be your future home. 

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