Classic & Versatile, green is Mother's Nature's Neutral

As we tip-toe in a new season, colour and design trends tempt us at every corner.  This is when many of us feel inspired to freshen up our homes (and our wardrobes) with a makeover.  Whether it's simply decorating a room or taking on a full scale renovation, colour plays a huge roll.  If you are looking for a hue to get your project started, one that is not just trendy, but also classic and versatile, before you settle on greige, why not explore the beautiful range of nature's greens?

Mother Nature's Neutral

Personally green is my absolute favourite colour when it comes to decorating.  It is so versatile, timeless and.... modest.  Green has no objections to playing a supporting role, but at the same time is ready and willing to be the star in any room.  It really is "nature's neutral." Just look outside for evidence of Mother Nature's use of green canvas set behind bold natural accents in every colour imaginable.  Benjamin Moore has named Guilford Green as it's 2015 Colour of the Year.  It is a warm, fresh silvery green that lives in Benjamin Moore's historical collection.  This means it's not only on trend for this year but is also a natural classic.  Just like in nature, this green weaves its way effortlessly into any room, compliments any architectural style and supports most any other colour.


Working with green alone as a single hue throughout a space can unify any look.  Play darker and lighter values and also for added dimension shift the greens by mixing in cooler ones like Maid of the Mist CC-728,  with a very warm yellow tones of Timothy Straw 2149-40.  Green can feel modern and crisp when combined with white and black, or for a more laid back look, balance it with  warm rustic woods and creamy whites.


Here, There and Everywhere

Green naturally brings a relaxed vibe to any room.  Whether it's painted on the walls, or used as an accent, it adds a sense of life and personality to a room.  In a  bedroom with rich saturated on the walls, green bed linens are the perfect companion to help tame the formality of a deep colour scheme and heavier traditional furnishings.

Painting cabinets is an effective and budget-friendly way to update your kitchen or bathroom.  With such a variety of greens to choose from, why just default to white?  Green runs the gamut from extremely warm and crisp and cool - so it's easy to find one you love that will work in your kitchen or throughout your home.  This can be a weekend DIY project, or there are companies that will take your cabinets off-site and professional repaint them for you.


There are many personalities to green.  Interestingly, the human eye can see more variations of green than any other colour.  So perhaps this is one of the reasons it is so popular and has been through decades!  It is a comfort colour.  For this reason, tones, tints and shades of green are wonderful choices when you are freshening up for resale too.  Benjamin Moore's camouflage 2143-40 and halo OC-46 are contemporary muted greens that quietly take a back seat, allowing potential new homeowners the visual space to connect with your home.


SOURCE BY: HOSS Magazine, Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore spokesperson 

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