“I thought we would try selling it privately.” "It was so frustrating I thought I was going nuts!"

This is a letter of appreciation I received from the Pinsent's and they have given me permission to share their experience with you. The Pinsent's were referred to me by one of their concerned friends. They were very skeptical at first and brushed me off on several occasions. Before giving in though, they decided to try a private marketing company to help sell their Mt. Pearl home. Was this the answer to their prayers? This story takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotion, through the stress, anxiety and disappointment. After their efforts failed, they submitted to professional help. Please take a moment to read their story. Mrs. Pinsent starts off by saying,

“I thought we would try selling it privately.”"I signed a contract with a private sale company, with a non-refundable fee for just under $1200. The representative for the private marketing company made it sound so easy; I couldn't fail! They provided me with a sign, advertising, a spot on their website and contracts.  I was responsible to do my own open houses, viewings, deal directly with prospective buyers and write my own purchase and sale contract."

"I started to get some interest, people came to look at my home, how exciting, it seemed so easy! The people that viewed my house, some were polite others to my dismay showed no respect for me, my home or my time. Strangers could arrive at odd hours when my husband was not at home, knocking at my door and wanting an immediate viewing. Some of these people did not even properly identify themselves, just using first names. A disconcerting feeling came over me; I began to feel vulnerable and insecure in my own home. Some people were complementary, others brutally critical; tire kickers with no financing bank approvals in hand or people not in a position to purchase without selling their own homes first!  As time went on it got worse, it was so frustrating I thought I was going nuts! Most of these people wanted my home for nothing! I realized offering my home privately was a bill board message for BARGAIN HUNTERS. “No Commissions Paid!” Bargain hunters had their own agenda. THEY wanted to save money. The whole intention for me selling privately was for ME to save the real estate commission! I wasn't going through this exercise for my health! To my dismay I lost my whole summer staying at home, answering the phone and the door, holding on for people who promised to show but never did. It was so stressful!"

"I continued until my patience wore out with the private marketing company with nothing to show for it but a lot of stress and frustration and my money gone. I began to have a new respect for Realtors for what they do. At least if a property doesn’t sell through a real estate company you owe them nothing."

"Through this entire ordeal Steve kept in touch. He was referred through a friend who became aware of my mounting frustrations. The first few times he called, I politely shook him off because I felt I didn't’t need his help. I was so happy he kept in touch because I began to realize I needed professional help."

"We now have our home sold thanks to Steve and we are able to get on with our lives. He looked after everything without the frustration and anxiety I experienced on my own. Since then I have noticed most private signs eventually turn to Realtor signs before they sell."

"I will never try to sell privately again. I would recommend Steve and his services to anyone with a real estate need. Listen to what he has to say.

The Pinsent's."

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