Information You Should Know Before Trying Privately!

Professional guidance from a lawyer or medical doctor is essential when needed and the same is true when selling a home. If you think you could do it on your own, it's would be like performing surgery on yourself. If you are like most people, your home is your largest financial investment, involving large sums of money and an oversight can be very costly. Using a competent full service Realtor® is likely to leave more money in your pocket even after commissions are paid.

A competent Realtor’s objective is not to take your money but to provide a beneficial service that takes away the stress and anxiety and put more money in your pocket. You need to know that the intention of most savvy private buyers is to pay a "Wholesale" price for a privately offered home, because the buyer knows that the private seller is not paying a commission. "No Commissions Paid,” “Pay Yourself," is the advertised slogan and the buyer knows this, so they are going to negotiate away the commission the seller is hoping to save to their own advantage. Buyers who respond to for sale by owner signs or ads think they will save the very commission the seller is not paying a Realtor. Statistics show that the average private sale, when successful, sells less than market as compared to property sold on MLS. Some privately sold properties have even sold for substantially less. There are several examples of this on my website under the tag line, Selling Your Home Privately, - Private seller pays himself to the tune of $50,000? - "We sold for $25,000 more that we would have hoped ... selling privately"

However, a property listed with our full service company is advertised on MLS and our Century 21 website, the largest Real Estate website in the world. Your property is exposed to every available buyer out there, not just a few! Also you have over 500 co-operating Realtors working for you. Most buyers working with a Realtor® will not call on a private sign, because they want a Realtor® to represent them.

The commission the Private Seller is hoping to save is most often negotiated to the Buyers advantage. So really, when using a full service Realtor®, the commission is paid by the buyer and is not a cost to the seller. 


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