Let's Talk Fall & Winter

School is back in session for the kids, the leaves are starting to turn, and the morning's are a little cooler than a few short weeks ago.  Yes sadly Summer is over & it's time to face the facts.... We are in for another Newfoundland Winter.

Here are a few things you should consider doing sooner than later, or if you are like me & not very handy,  hire a professional.  It will be worth it & that "Honey Do List", will be complete in no time.  Then you will be ready to kick back and enjoy the warmth of your home once hockey season starts.

Leaves, So many, So Little Time 

To take care of your fallen leaves this year, try mowing them instead of racking them. Also, do not worry about bagging it; when mulched leaves fall between the blades of grass, they provide nutrients to the soil during the winter as they decompose. So, ditch the rake this fall.   

 Gutters, Get your mind in there

It can be surprising just how much debris our rain gutters collect over time. To make sure the snow properly drains from your roof, clean out your home's rain gutters after the majority of leaves have fallen from surrounding trees. Dirty gutters can clog water that can damage your ceiling, roof and walls.


Heat, Keeping it Cozy

Whether you have a heat pump, furnace, boiler or a wood stove, it needs to be properly maintained in order to keep your home during the long winter. Contact a licensed and insured heating maintenance company to come into your home and do a thorough inspection of the fuel supply, air handler, venting system and mechanical heating components. Replace the air handler’s filter once every three months to ensure the best results. Seal any leaky ductwork to reduce heat wastage.


Smoke Detectors, Better Safe than Sorry 

Change all your smoke detector batteries, and this one can be a life saver. If you do not have a Carbon Monoxide detector in the house, get one.


Drafts, Keep Old Man Winter Out

If you have functional windows, it makes more financial sense to improve them than to replace them with energy-efficient windows. Caulk any gaps and cracks around window frames. Be sure that windows are fully shut. Put up interior window plastic, available in kits at hardware stores. If you don't have storm windows, have them made. Also, for drafty doors, use weather-stripping and door sweeps.

Follow these simple steps to save time, energy & money. Remember to have it all done before Hockey Season is in full swing! 


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