Newfoundland Spirit

There aren't many places in this world that you can go and find people who are as proud of who they are, or where they come from as Newfoundland.  Newfoundland spirit is alive and well.  You can go to almost any Province and there is a Newfoundland Club, Newfoundland Fish and Chips or a Newfoundland Store.  We live in a Province so rich in history, so strong in heritage. Our bones are steeped in the culture of our forefathers.  There are so many stories of our proud and strong ancestors.  When you meet a Newfoundlander wherever you travel, it's as if you're family.  It's the way the whole world should be.  I heard a joke last night while watching the Navigators perform.  It was "How can you tell who the Newfoundlanders are in Heaven?  They're the only ones who want to go home".  Pretty much sums it up, doesn't it?  No matter how far you roam, Newfoundland is still our home.

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