Preparing for a sale on a budget

If you Plan on Selling your home in the near future or you want to improve the Quality of your home Price can sometimes be prohibitive. With a Little knowledge and a bit of effort you can Turn your home from " In Need " to " IN DEMAND "

Let’s have a look at the four most cost effective Projects:

1. Paint it.

There is no Doubt about it. Painting can be the most transformative Project when it comes to the presentation value of your home. The First step in any Project should be an assessment of where your dollars and time can be best spent.

The Highest Foot Traffic areas in your home will benefit from a new Colour or touch up to trouble areas. This includes hallways, Living rooms and Kitchens. When trying to decide which areas to tackle first try and decide which areas Look the Most " Dated " A Great Resource for these decisions is your local Home improvement Stores. Take a Picture of the Areas you want to upgrade and talk to a professional. A great alternative to interior design advice is picking a Sample Template in the Store and follow the Colour Sceme. 

Don't Forget, Any Damaged Areas or Repairs Should be Adressed before Painting. No Paint can cover a hole in the Wall:) 

2. Thin out the Clutter:

We all have Items around our Homes that we know we will never use. A great way to free up your Space and take years of the age of your home is to Clear out the Clutter. Do a Inventory and Decide what things you need and what items you are just holding onto.

If you plan on Moving you are going to have to Thin out the unessentials so you might as well do it before you list your home to help the sale.

3. Put up mirrors.

Mirrors are a relatively inexpensive design feature. Yet, according to an article in Style At Home magazine, they can make small rooms appear bigger and dark rooms seem brighter. You don’t necessarily need to buy wall-hanging mirrors. Standalone floor models will have the same effect.

4. Repair it.

One of the leading causes for a buyer to move onto another listing is obvious neglect and need for home Repair. Next to Cost, it is the most identifiable negative when a home Buyer views your home.

Time and Time again, I have shown a home that is perfect for a buyer but Small defects or obvious neglect has Ruled out the posibility of a Potential Sale. Obvious or not, Repairs should be Taken Care of before your home even becomes a Listing.

At the end of the day, a home inspection is going to highlight these issues and you will not have the same options when a offer is on the Table. 

Want more ideas for preparing your home for sale on a tight budget?

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