REALTOR Know Thyself

Realtor .. Know Thyself

A wise man once said that if you are ever forced to choose between LOVE and RESPECT you should ALWAYS choose RESPECT because there can be no true love unless there is first RESPECT.

Do you, as a REALTOR® know and respect your value?

Here are a few points worth reflecting on ....

  1.       We are readily connected to and typically well respected by all other local REALTORS® who are active and who can bring in buyers.
  2.       We have credible exposure to thousands of agents provincially, nationally and even internationally who each can bring (or send) a buyer.
  3.       We have pre-approved compensation systems in place which entice and encourage other REALTORS® across the country to assist us with buying and/or selling properties.
  4.       We have the full support of multi-national Real Estate companies that provide state of the art computer systems that never sleep, thereby providing information to potential buyers 24/7 - 365 days a year.
  5.       We are members of the local Real Estate Board which provides a high tech, fully monitored lock box key system that provides secure, all day, easy access to properties (provided owners have approved).
  6.       We are part of a local team of experts that have decades of marketing experience which ensures optimum and effective exposure of properties with a minimum of faux pas … and all at no cost to the client.
  7.       We have extensive Social Networking that strengthens our ties with other REALTORS® and at the stroke of key places them and their buyers at our finger tips. These include regular meetings, industry training sessions, industry-wide emails, Tweets, Instagrams, Facebook, and more.
  8.       We practice detailed record keeping and regular follow up with agents and potential buyers plus we have call back systems (to previous viewers) that can sometimes lead to multiple offers.
  9.       We have immediate access to accurate and up-to-date real estate information including asking prices, selling prices, length of time on the market, what is available, what has sold, what did not sell and what expired or was withdrawn. This knowledge gives us an incredible edge when it comes to optimum pricing of properties.
  10. We make our research available to our clients and thereby ensure that they see what we see (and what potential buyers will see). This helps the vendor better understand how and why we arrived at the suggested listing price for their property.
  11. We negotiate on our client’s behalf thereby making the process much less stressful and often far more effective since we are not “emotionally involved” with the transaction.
  12. We review and analyze all offers with our clients and we can offer invaluable help with understanding the full legal and technical scope of what is being agreed to.
  13. We, through our broker and parent company, guarantee safe, proper and legal handling of deposit monies (without cost to our clients).
  14. We accompany potential buyers when those buyers wish to see a property thereby protecting our clients from scam artists while at the same time ensuring legitimate potential buyers are made to feel welcome and appreciated and are fully informed about the property.
  15. We offer a wealth of advice about maximizing a property’s appeal, about spending (or not spending) to prepare your property for market and about how to guard against potential lawsuits by properly disclosing the home’s history.
  16. We can offer referrals to mortgage brokers and lenders, home inspectors, property insurance companies, appraisers, contractors and lawyers, thereby increasing the chances of an offer by making it much easier for buyers to feel at ease and in control.
  17. We ensure that offers and counter offers are properly and clearly worded to avoid misunderstanding and to protect all parties from unnecessary legal wrangling.
  18.  WE, as REALTORs, enjoy a fair degree of public trust. The chances of selling are greatly increased because people are typically far more comfortable calling a reputable Real Estate firm then they are with calling a stranger. Ask yourself this; When you go out to buy your next home, will you go to private sales only or will you ask a Realtor to show you what properties are available?
  19. We, as an industry, are credited with being responsible for as much as 89% of Real Estate sales and purchases. That in itself makes us one heck of a powerful entity to partner up with.
  20. We are part of your community. We live here, we work here and we have family here which means we really do CARE what you think and what you say about us. Our future as a REALTOR® depends very heavily on your good will, your referrals and on your repeat business. In short, our success depends almost entirely on whether we can help you achieve success.


Written by Ben Vallis with Century 21 Seller’s Choice. Inspired by a recent article in REM by Michel Friedman.

Yes there are options today, yes there is technology today. Working with a Realtor is still the best and safest way.

  Michel Friedman

Michel Friedman is broker of record of Orange Square Realty Inc., a Toronto-based brokerage offering a 100-per-cent concept along with full service, with over 100 salespeople. Visit, or call 416-840-6888.


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