Spring Cleaning

Who doesn’t like the fresh spring air and the smell of fresh cut grass? Spring evokes feelings of hope, energy and life. Unless of course you have allergies, which means you are sneezing and coughing and can’t go outside. After years of not having allergies that I was aware of, I wonder how much of the allergens that are now wreaking havoc on my system are happening because my immune system is compromised due to other toxins and chemicals in household cleaning products, make-up and other things that I’ve used in excess over the years.

http://www.planetagenda.com/chemicals.htm posted an article about Harmful Chemicals in our environment and gave these suggestions about what we can do to cut down on the chemicals we expose ourselves to every day. A partial list from their article:

  • Use biodegradable products.
    • Make your own cleaning agent using safe materials.
    • Dispose of chemical waste carefully. Do not put them down the sink.
    • Be wise with home maintenance and in the garden.
    • Do not burn plastics.
    • Avoid all organic chemicals that have “chloro” as part of their names including wood preservatives, herbicides and insecticides.
    • Avoid chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and products containing it. Use oxygen bleach instead.
    • Use unbleached paper products.
    • Avoid “Permethrin” flea sprays for pets.
    • Avoid products made of or packaged in polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Avoid cling flim plastic wraps unless they are clearly identified as non-chlorinated plastic.
    • To minimize your risk of dioxins accumulating in your body avoid all full-fat dairy products and fatty meats such as beef or pork. Wash all fruits and vegetables to remove chlorophenol pesticide residue. Avoid grapes and raisins unless they are clearly labelled as organically grown.
    • Avoid soaps, toothpaste and deodorants containing “triclosan,” a chlorophenol.
  • That is quite a list, but definitely these are things worth looking into further. Since it is Spring Cleaning time, I thought I would look for healthier cleaning products as one step in my process of avoiding harmful chemicals. I found:


    This site offers more natural options for home cleaning, including upholstery shampoo, room fresheners, pine floor cleanser, dishwashing liquid and more. As an added bonus, you will probably save money by making your own home cleaning products!


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