Squeezing Landlords Out?

An increased crackdown on landlords will force many out of the industry according to one, who argues the onus should be on both landlords and tenants when it comes to certain necessities.

“Now that they've started down this path of beating up landlords, it will only increase,” one landlord, and CREW reader, wrote in the forum section. “The end result will be landlords getting out of the business, lower vacancy rates and increased rents.”

That comment was in response to a CREW article about the crackdown on landlords who fail to provide the necessary fire prevention measures.

Two landlords in two separate cities are facing substantial fines for building code violations, proving shortcuts can be costly.

A property owner in St. Catherines, Ont., was ordered to pay $8,000 for fire code violations and will also face probation.

In a separate case, an Alberta landlord – who had previously been warned about building violations – was fined over $20,000.

In that instance, the owner ignored warnings to address improperly-sized basement windows as well as fire alarm installations.

But should the onus be placed squarely on landlords?

“In the past, landlords were never fined; a certain amount of onus was put on tenants. One can pick up a fire alarm for $10, and an extinguisher for $25,” the reader wrote. “I see this as more ‘blame the other guy.’ Put all the onus on one party. When one party bears no responsibility it encourages laziness, the blame game, false claims, lawsuits.”

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