Still Sending Christmas Cards by snail mail? Try a totally different approach for keeping in touch, this holiday season.


How about a quick visit to your client this Holiday Season? No need to take off your shoes, just a doorway visit will do. Everyone loves surprises, instead of mailing a traditional holiday card this festive season, consider some of these ideas. Just attach a catchy tag to your item of choice. 

Sparkling Cider - Hoping your holidays “sparkle”! Call me for real estate market "Refesher"!

Jam- “Wishing you a ‘Jam-packed’ holiday from your ‘Berry’ grateful Realtor!”

Batteries“Wishing you an energized holiday season!”

Holiday Towel - “Don’t throw in the towel! I won't leave you high & dry!"

Cookies“I  will give all your real estate referrals the special ‘treat’ment they deserve!”

Gingerbread House Kit - “Building your dreams of finding your home sweet home!”

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