The Changing Face of Torbay.

I have been commuting through and from Torbay most of my life. 

In fact. Given that i have commuted to St. John's at least once a day on Average for the past 34 Years. I would have driven over the Bridge in Torbay Approx 12, 410 time. 

No, I do not use the Bypass:)

During those 34 Years i have seen Torbay grow by leaps and bounds with most of the familiar sights and landmarks changing. The Old Holy trinity school is now a soccer pitch. The Anglican Sunday School is now a Home. The Old Church is now  a...... Well, I dunno. PARKING?

 They Say Change isn't always for the Better but i must admit that the town of Torbay has had more Successes than failures over the years. With vibrant communities popping up all the time it's hard to deny the influx of Families and capitol into the the Area. It leaves me wondering where it all leads? Could we be looking at a cooling of the housing market or will the development of new neighbourhoods continue on for years to come? there seems to be a need for the homes being built and if you look around you will have no problem finding the room to build them. 

  With the Economic boom we see to be enjoying on the Avalon, i don't see any end in sight for development we are seeing. Nor do i want to. 

Let's just home they don't knock down the Bridge:)

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