There is a perfect buyer for every listing...

I am re posting this Blog from two years ago, it is without a doubt one of my favorites, with a little touch of Christmas Wonder. The punch line is at the very end, so enjoy the read...oh, and Merry Christmas! XO



I had an experience recently with a potential listing- a not new, wall paper, shag carpet, parquet floor kind of home. I had a moment when I asked myself, "did I willingly want to take on a home that I knew was going to be a challenge to list, a home that would no doubt sit on the market, looking for that right buyer and dealing with a frustrated seller...long term"?  With the woes of that weighing on me, I went back to another home I had listed recently, and it was the stark reminder, that there is indeed a perfect buyer for every home listed, and in fact, somewhere, at that very moment, someone was having a point form conversation ticking off (out loud)  the "charming" qualities that this very home had. In that "Ah-Ha" moment, I decided I would post this to encourage you all, that no matter the listing, there is indeed a more then perfect buyer, and that my friend, is what makes us professionals; having the abilities and skills to ensure that that home proudly displays our SOLD sign, sooner, rather then later. With that in mind, here is my most recent listing.

ps. Listing is conditionaly sold.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

FOR SALE: Sweet Deal! 1 Bedroom Bungalow with all the trimmings. Solid Ginger Bread floors throughout, original candy cane fireplace, decorative sugar cane trim, peppermint landscaping, dream Swedish Berry kitchen, wonderful jelly bean view. Back yard complete with fondant snowman and your very own Santa Claus. A real treat of a neighborhood!

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