Three Advantages to Selling Your Home This Winter

Slushy walkways, dirt-stained snow, freezing temperatures, and severe winds – these are the painful signs that winter has arrived for a good long while. Many people wouldn’t even think of putting their house on the market during this time, figuring that selling would be a difficult endeavor. However, that isn’t necessarily the case. There are many advantages to selling your home in winter, and by incorporating simple techniques, you can devise a great plan to sell your home quickly and effectively even during the winter doldrums.

Less Competition

Believe it or not, selling your home during the winter months can actually yield an outstanding result. Why is this? As stated earlier, many people think that winter isn’t a good time to sell, meaning that fewer properties on the market. Less inventory means less competition for you.

However, you still have to make sure that your home is viewed favorably by potential buyers. Advertise the beauty of your home outside of winter; by providing pictures of your home in the spring and summer, you can showcase its curb appeal during all seasons.

To rise above your competition, display your home at its best advantage, especially since buyers will spend more time inside your home. Make it clean and pristine, clear away any dust, and remove the clutter. Double-check that all repairs and maintenance tasks are done, especially those that could be more obvious in the winter, such as changing furnace filters and updating insulation.

Finally, you need to price your home right. No matter how little competition there is, a home that is overpriced will not sell. Also keep in mind that the holiday and winter season is not the best time to test the market. You want to motivate the serious buyers to take a break from holiday obligations to view your house.

Motivated Buyers

Just like there are fewer homes listed in the winter, there tend to be fewer buyers as well. However, the ones that are out looking tend to be more motivated as they want or need a home as soon as possible and with a quick closing.

To take advantage of this pool of serious buyers, you need to ensure that your home is in prime selling condition. Think quality rather than quantity. In terms of the condition of the house, you could touch up the walls, replace outdated fixtures, or refinish your hardwood floors to encourage buyers to choose your home. In regards to the terms of sale, you can be flexible with price, be amenable to a shorter or longer closing, or include appliances as part of the offer.

Wintry Delights

Soft, powdery white snow falling gently to the ground. Majestic green pines with their natural fragrance. Although it may not be many people’s favorite season, winter does have its own appeal. So when selling your home in the winter, play up its advantages.

First and foremost, you need to add curb appeal. Clear your driveway and walkways completely of snow and ice as this can make or break a deal even before the seller steps foot into your home. It also gives the appearance of a well maintained house. If you have difficulty doing this yourself, then consider hiring a service, which will give you time to focus on the inside of the home. You can also add curb appeal by adding a tasteful wreath on your door and adding one or two outdoor accent lights to give a cozy vibe.

Play up the wintry season indoors too. For example, increase the temperature on the thermostat so that potential buyers feel warm and cozy as soon as they walk in. Light the fireplace if you have one, and turn on all lights to feel bright even with the winter darkness.

To add a festive feel, you can add carefully placed candles for a pop of color. You could even set out your china to mimic a holiday dinner party.

Because people are inside a lot more during the winter, make sure that all windows are gleaming and that salt stains are removed from floors.

Finally, emphasize the positives about winter. For example, you can provide the details of your snowplow service if you use one, indicate the local outdoor activities that are available, such as skating and snowshoeing, and mention the location of bus stops and other vital services.


Any time can be a great time to sell your home – even in the winter! Although it has its own challenges, there are also advantages that can help you. If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, know that there are winter buyers out there for your home – if you do it right.

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