Tips For Selling A Home With Kids

One challenge that many people may have experienced is selling a home with kids.  Selling a home with kids presents a whole new set of hurdles that need to be overcome in order to have a successful home sale.

If you’re thinking of selling your home or are currently in the process of selling your home and have kids, below are some of the best tips for selling a home with kids.  The below tips for selling a home with kids can make the home selling process less stressful for not only your kids, but also for you!

Make Sure Your Kids Know That You’re Selling Your Home

One of the biggest mistakes that sellers who have kids make is they do not share with their kids they are planning on selling their home.  Obviously at some point kids will figure out their home is being sold and the surprise can be painful for a kid.

Before you list your home for sale, it’s strongly suggested that you inform your kids that you will be selling your home.  Explain to your kids why you’ve decided to sell your home and also letting them know about your future plans can go a long way.  If you’re able to show your kids where they will be living in the future and point out some of the positive characteristics of their new home and neighborhood, they may get very excited for the move and be on board with the sale.

Prepare Your Home For The Market

If you’re selling a home with kids, one of the most important items is to make sure your home appeals to the masses.  Even though your kid may love their bright pink bedroom walls, the likelihood that the majority of buyers walking through your home will not love the bright pink bedroom walls is high.  It’s suggested that when selling a home with kids that you neutralize the colors of the rooms.  Another tip when selling a home with kids is to depersonalize the home, some examples of depersonalizing a home may include;

  • Removing murals from walls
  • Removing the report cards, spelling tests, and other personal items from the refrigerator
  • Removing kid posters from bedroom walls
  • Removing kid themed wallpaper
  • Removing action figures, stuffed animals, and toys from dressers and shelves

Stage Your Home

It’s important to remember when staging a home for a sale, less is more. When selling a home with kids it’s important that the rooms in your home are clearly defined as to what they are used for.  For example, a bedroom that has been used as a playroom for your kids should be converted back into a bedroom or home office, as it will help appeal to the majority of prospective buyers who are walking through your home.

Prepare Your Home For Showings

Some of the most important tips for preparing a home with kids for showings include;

  • Clean floors and counters
  • Clean up all toys
  • Clean up all clothing
  • Check underneath dressers and beds for your kids belongings
  • Make sure there are no foul odors present in your home
  • Make all beds

Final Thoughts

Remember when selling a home with kids, your home may not be “perfect” but you need to take the extra effort to ensure your home is as close to “perfect” as possible.  By following the above tips for selling a home with kids you will greatly increase the chances your home sells in a short amount of time and for the maximum amount of money.

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