Tools of the Trade. AND HOW WE USE THEM.

All Industries have trackable statistics and the real estate is no exception. In fact, Real estate is probably one of the most trackable and statistically predictable industries today. 

  Most home owners have thought about what their Home might be worth on today's market and weather they like to admit it or not, they have considered using that equity to change the situation that they are in. The problem comes when a home owner looks at information that is unfounded and they give that information a credibility that my lead down a road to disappointment. That's where a realtor with both the statistical information, AND THE EXPERIENCE TO INTERPRET THAT INFORMATION, become very useful. 

  There are more factors to determining a homes possible equity than just the replacement cost. Market conditions such as demand, locations and economic factors all contribute to the listing and selling price for a property. Just to name a few. What value does your beautiful home with all the fancy amenities if there are no buyers for it when you enter it into the market? 

  My Job as a realtor is not to tell a home owner what their home is worth and just simply fill out the Paperwork. My responsibility is to provide you with the information you need, present it in it's Proper context and to help guide you through the process. All while making sure you are aware of and prepared for any obstacles that may present themselves Through the Process. 


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