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One of our Real Estate Advisor’s, Stephen Hall a 30 year veteran spoke Tuesday morning on the subject of Financial Sabotage in today’s depreciating market. Many Sellers’s are engaging in what he called Financial Sabotage losing 10’s of thousands of dollars needlessly. He feels we, the Real Estate Industry needs to do more to educate Sellers. As a Trusted Real Estate Advisor” he said he feels a RESPONSIBILITY & OBLIGATION to inform the selling public. The consequences of not doing so has helped contribute to record high inventory levels with over 50% homes failing to sell in 2015.

"The reason for his success and the success of the Century 21 brand is educating Sellers how to customize their Marketing System by engaging Personalized Selling Solutions that take into consideration the Sellers particular circumstances. Gone are the days just putting a sign on the lawn, an ad in the paper or doing an open house to get the house sold". Multiple Marketing Strategies are necessary in this marked to be successful and we have these tools within our organization at our disposal. Stephen has helped many sell successfully with the aid of the Century 21 power point Marketing Consultation.


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