What are we teaching our children????

In read this article in The Telegram. I have three kids and I'm thinking "how do I get them out", LOL. Its part of society today, cost of living, cost of cars, cost of homes - where will it end? Nobody knows. 
The most important lesson you can teach your kids, teach them how to live. Teach them life!!!

Nearly half of all adult children in this province are living with their parents, according to a new CIBC study. Just over 44 per cent of adults between the age of 20-29 are living in the homes they grew up in, something sociologist Monica Boyd calls "postponed adulthood."




"People are completing higher levels of education, getting married later, starting their job later, the labour market is far more in flux than in the historical 1950s and '60s, when you got a job and stayed in that job for the rest of your life," said Boyd. "All of these tend to put pressure on kids financially, and create incentive to live with your parents."


Boyd says this trend has created a shift in what typical relationships between parents and adult children look like. She says it's important to talk about the logistics and expectations of young adults living at home.

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