Where are the 10 priciest real estate listings?

Where are the 10 priciest real estate listings?

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Once upon a time, but not all that long ago, it was unusual to see a home selling for more than $1 million in the local real-estate listings. That sure has changed; last week, there were almost three dozen properties over that benchmark. All but three of them were in St. John’s and neighbouring municipalities.

What can you get for a seven-figure investment? Have a look at this infographic. (We note that these are asking prices, and will not necessarily match subsequent sale prices. Nor, of course, are these the most valuable properties in the province, but rather a snapshot of what’s on the market, as listed through the MLS system.)

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The top spot goes to a property at 45 Atkins Road in Conception Bay South. The $3.9-million listing includes not just a house, but quite a bit of land as well as multiple waterfront views. The property, described in the listing as Burnt Island, is on the doorstep of the Newfoundland Yacht Club.

Here's another view of the property and its neighbourhood.

A home on what is called 'Burnt Island' is located near the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club. (CBC )

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