Why i Choose Diapers over Drill bits

Early in 2011 I had just become a new father to a wonderful son, was living in my home in Torbay Newfoundland and had a successful career in the international drilling industry. Today I now have two children, I still live in Torbay but my career path has taken me in a wide arc - away from drilling for oil and into mining prospects with Century21. 


When I decided to leave university to pursue a career in the Alberta oilfield I knew there would be a lot of hard work. I first relocated to Calgary, Alberta and worked my way up with a drilling contractor to the position of Driller. After doing that for a year I found an opportunity to work on the Hibernia Platform and soon found myself relocated to St. John's. That job allowed me the opportunity to transfer overseas in 2005 and so began my journey that took me from Driller to Assistant OIM with a top international drilling contractor. Throughout the years I had the opportunity to work all over the globe - India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and just about every other country in Asia, all benefit from an oil well that I helped drill. My career path was exciting and seemed to be set in stone, that was until my favorite addition came along. Alexander Stacey was born June 20th 2009 and I was hooked. 


It took a year a half but eventually our family was able to take the next step and I decided to start my career in Real Estate at the beginning of 2011. Starting out in a new career was very exciting and I found a spot in a discount brokerage so I could get some exposure to a high volume of listings. Given the market conditions at the time I found myself working day and night for buyers and sellers alike. The experience was great and sometimes I felt I was helping my clients as best I could but there seemed to be something missing. The connection between agent and client was always tenable and based on the discount side of the transaction as opposed to the mutual benefit of a true partnership.With the beginning of 2014 the winds of change started to blow again and I found myself needing a change. 


The beginning of March 2014 felt like a good time to make a change and I decided to sit down and have a chat with Century21 Sellers Choice broker Gordon Hiscock. Our discussion covered all the issues I had been facing in Real Estate and the ideas of transactional and relational clients were finally clarified. Something that I had felt and had so much experience with, was now being defined and the only choice I had to make was how soon I wanted to begin the next stage in my development. Throughout my time in real estate I have found that the extent of my relationships were limited by the expectations of my clients for me to perform a discount service. I’ve always strived to provide the best possible services and ensure my clients’ needs are being serviced, but the underlying theme of limited ability by the franchise to perform was difficult to overcome. 

Finally, after traveling all over the globe to try and provide for my family I’ve found the solution right here at home - Century21 Sellers Choice.

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