Curb Appeal In The Fall

Remember when selling that the very first thing prospective buyers see is the outside of your home, your 'curb appeal'.  While not quite as easily managed in the dreary, grey winter months there are some things you can do to hep beautify the outside of your home for the months ahead.

Maintain your lawn - admittedly you won't have lush green grass at this time of year but when the leaves turn and start to fall it's important to keep your lawn raked and leaf-free to avoid getting those ugly brown spots. Your beautiful summer flowers will have begun to fade and wither away. Don't leave them to rot, yank them out and fill your gardens and pots with some Fall friendly flowers. There are many varieties that work well in our climate - mums, asters, monkshood and many others. 

People often think of only the interior of our homes as needing paint touch ups, or deep cleaning. The exterior of our home is equally as important. Giving your home a good pressure washing goes a long way towards giving it a  much fresher look.  Perhaps an exterior window clean as well.  Think about your front door. Is it faded? Maybe a little blah? Why not give it a fresh coat of paint and throw a nice decorative wreath on it for good measure! People can notice even the smallest of things when house hunting so don't give them anything to nit pick about your place.  You never know what may turn people away.  Keeping up with regular outdoor maintenance lets people know that the home has been well maintained and gives them less to wonder about.  So if you have a crooked shutter, or a torn screen, patch and repair them.  If your gutters are full of leaves, clean them.  No need to have people think that they need to do work as soon as they move in.

With lives being so busy these days many homes are being shown to potential buyers in the evenings.  This can make seeing the exteriors harder. That problem is easily solved by adding some exterior lighting. Think about highlighting some of your nicer landscaped areas as well. The options for outdoor lighting are endless. Lastly, cool it on the seasonal decor. A subtle Fall wreath, a few pumpkins for Halloween, one Santa on the porch, not so bad.......but if you have a penchant for outdoor holiday decorating and like to fill your yard with those inflatable snowmen perhaps it's time to think about taking a season off if your house is on the market. Or, ask your neighbors if you can decorate THEIR yard this year lo


Chantalle Chasse & Seth Ferguson

Chantalle Chasse & Seth Ferguson

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