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We've all had those terrible experiences with someone you've hired to help you out around the house, or perhaps your terrible experience was somewhere you've shopped or a service you've hired.  Regardless, we all know what I'm talking about here.....that person/company/store you've dealt with and sworn to remember NEVER to deal with again! While it's sometimes easy to remember our bad experiences we tend to forget the people and companies that we've had great experiences with over time.  Over the next few weeks I am going to be putting together a Recommended List for our clients and friends highlighting those local companies/people/stores etc whom have provided excellent service. I'm going to be asking for y'all to help me out with this by asking you to send me information on someone/somewhere whom has worked for you in some capacity that really impressed you and whom would  most definitely be someone you'd recommend. I'm not looking for your unpleasant experiences, we've all had to many of those, I'm looking only for your recommendations!

I'll start us off by recommending, nay, HIGHLY recommending a company that I had at my place just yesterday.  When I bought my place last Fall I knew that I needed a new kitchen as I am an avid cook and the tiny, although brand new, kitchen that was there just wasn't going to cut it. So I sat down at my laptop, pulled up a kitchens design site and planned it all out.  I knew back then that the perfect finishing touch would be to have the back wall clad in reclaimed wood.  As always, budget was a factor so that little finishing touch went on the back burner.  Well, two weeks back, I spent a fun Saturday afternoon in Oakville visiting a vendor fair featuring local handmade crafts and artisans.  I came across a booth with a young couple who have a business using reclaimed wood to make furniture, artwork, and much to my delight they also offered the reclaimed wood walls.  I spoke with both of them, Kyle and Melissa and they were both lovely.  I told them that I was interested in having a wall in my kitchen done and left them my info.  Now at this point, sometimes things start to fall apart and you never hear from the company again....but not this time.  I got an email that same night, just touching base and letting me know that they enjoyed meeting me and looked forward to working with me on my kitchen wall. It was personable and I definitely knew they remembered me and my wants.  A personal touch like this goes a long way in my books. ( and now in my Recommended List lol)

We made plans for Kyle to come out to my place the following week, and although I had to be here at work while he was working over at my place, I had such a great vibe from him that I wasn't worried at all.  Late afternoon he sent me an email with pictures of the completed wall and I was absolutely THRILLED with his work.  Not only did the wall look great in the pictures but he came in under budget as it was a smaller space than I had originally told him it would be. So yay for me, a gorgeous wall and a bargain price!!

Reclaimed wood walls are very on trend right now, they look gorgeous and compliment so many different decor styles that you really can't go wrong. If you're thinking that it's something that may look great in your house, or maybe you like the idea of a piece of art or even furniture made from reclaimed wood then I recommend Skidco Furniture.  From me to you, I promise you won't be disappointed. From start to finish Kyle impressed me.  You can find them on Facebook by searching Skidco Furniture where you'll see other beautiful examples of their work, or you can email them directly at  

So that's it, the beginning of our Recommendations List. Now I turn it over to  you, my friends, family, clients, loyal blog followers, send me a message here, or email me directly at and let me know who you recommend and why. Let's provide each other with some great services and experiences, and maybe you'll even find someone recommended whom you can use yourselves!!

Chantalle Chasse & Seth Ferguson

Chantalle Chasse & Seth Ferguson

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