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So last week I told you all about my mountain biking and paddle boarding aspirations and how our many Conservation Halton areas are going to help me achieve my dreams.  I got caught up in the whole idea of outside and doing something "outdoorsy" and I had to leave you before I could finish telling you about all of our parks.  As promised, I'm back to tell you about the ones I missed last week.  For those of you who may be wondering, yes my bike is still looking fantastic out there in my garage!

I consider myself an enigma. While I'm extremely good with people, and comfortable in crowds, I also appreciate a healthy dose of alone time. One of my favorite places to be alone is Mount Nemo.  It's one of our smaller parks but don't let that deter you, there are still adventures to be had there.  It's  a place to hike and enjoy the peace of nature away from the crowds of some of our larger parks.  If you know me you know I'm covered in butterfly tattoos and Mount Nemo never fails me in the delivery of dozens of butterfly sightings in the Spring.  If butterflies seem a little too tame for you it's also an excellent place to do some rock climbing and not as busy as Rattle Snake.

Crawford Lake is home to a rare meromictic lake, an Iroquois Village and loads of hiking trails.  Why not soak in a little culture and knowledge while getting some exercise and enjoying the outdoors? Why not indeed!!  While at Crawford Lake be sure to visit the reconstructed 15th century Iroquois Village to learn about local First Nations history.  If you've got a child who has a birthday, as most are prone to have, you can host an incredibly unique birthday party at Crawford Lake. Sure lots of kids can have bouncy castles and Minion themed parties but your kid can be the talk of the public school social circles if they have a birthday party that includes digging for artifacts.  $200 gets you 2 hrs for 10 kids and includes a guided program.  Your welcome in advance to all you parents who will now be booking this years coolest birthday parties.

I'm going to admit something here.....I'm a long time Milton resident, 36 years to be exact, and I am admittedly a huge fan of our Conservation areas. However, while researching for this blog I came across a park that I had never heard of.  Robert Edmunson Park touts itself as one of Halton's best kept secrets and I must say I agree.  In my defense it is also Halton's newest Conservation park so really, is it my fault I hadn't heard of it?? With two kms of trail weaving through forest and marshland there is lots to enjoy.  This park has now moved to the top of my To Visit When I Need Alone Time List.  I'll be bringing along a picnic and a book, however I hear that the reservoir there is a great place to canoe and I KNOW I can fit one of those in my garage with my bike and my paddle board so I may just have to stop at Sport Chek on my way. You can buy a canoe there, right?

I'm writing this blog in my office staring out my window at a beautiful blue cloudless sky and realizing that it's now time to write about Glen Eden which just seems wrong somehow. I feel as though I may be jinxing our good weather of late.  I am not a winter fan, and I can assure you that you that skis will NEVER be joining my bike, paddle board and canoe in my garage but as an equal opportunity fan I am willing to recognize that there are some crazy winter loving skiers out there.  For those of you who suffer from that affliction, sorry, for those of you to whom skiing is your thing, Halton boasts our offering of Glen Eden. With 16 slopes, 6 lifts and a tube park you can spend endless hours enjoying yourself in the great wintry outdoors.  You'll just have to wait until the 2016/2017 ski season to do so.

It's that time again, time for me to get back to the more glamorous side of my job, data entry ;) Before I go there is one more thing I'd like to leave you with as I am certain that I've inspired every last one of you to visit all of our Halton Conservation areas.  You can purchase a seasons pass that is good for a year and allows you access to all of the parks.  A single membership is only $50 and if you're a family $115 gets you all in for the year.  So be like me, pack up your bike, your paddle board, your canoe, your cameras, books, and of course your snacks, and make visiting Halton's Conservation areas part of your lifestyle.  And hey, if you see a lady on a mountain bike, or paddling herself along in one of the reservoirs, giver her a wave, it just may be me! 

Chantalle Chasse & Seth Ferguson

Chantalle Chasse & Seth Ferguson

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